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Air Conditioning in Hampshire

The use of air conditioning units to provide both cool air and sufficient heat has become very common in the UK. More and more employers want to be sure that their staff have a comfortable and pleasant working environment and one that is temperature controlled. Using air conditioning units supplied and installed by Southern Counties Air Conditioning, you can ensure that your employees are working in the best possible conditions.

Types Of Air Conditioning Units

There are several different kinds of air conditioning systems and as experts in the industry we can help you to choose the right one for your business. The simplest kind of air conditioning unit is a split system which has one internal fan that directs the air to an outdoor condenser. The units absorb the heat from indoors and pass it to the outside. Whether you want this basic kind of unit or a more complex multi system, we offer the best and most reliable conditioning installations in Hampshire.

Heat Pump Boilers

The latest renewable technology has brought out the air-to-water heat pump boilers that are fast becoming the choice of many businesses that want high efficiency and low carbon emissions. These new air conditioning systems require little maintenance and they supply you with hot water and heating from the same unit.

Air Conditioning Maintenance In Hampshire

At Southern Counties Air Conditioning we can offer you a range of air conditioning maintenance contracts. Depending upon the kind of air conditioning systems that are in place, we will service and repair the units and our charges are very reasonable. Keeping on top of maintenance can be difficult for busy company owners so why not let us take care of all your air conditioning maintenance needs.

There is more information about air conditioning installations in Hampshire on our website or you can ring 07810 692 494 and speak to an advisor about how to keep the air conditioning units in your business in the best possible condition. We are happy to speak to you about costs and can explain about the different kinds of systems and the advantages of each type.

Don't wait until the air conditioning systems in your business let you down. Ask us for a no obligation quotation for any of our services including air conditioning installations in Hampshire and other areas of the South.